November 4th-7th
Winnemucca Event Center

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11th Annual Western States Ranch Rodeo Association
National Finals
By Naomi Loomis, WSRRA Association Representative

The eleventh-annual Western States Ranch Rodeo Association National Finals was held November 4 - November 7 at the Winnemucca Events Complex in Winnemucca, Nevada. The Western States Ranch Rodeo Association (WSRRA) continues to experience solid support in eleven states and Canada with teams coming from as far away as Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. Established in 2010, the WSRRA had to put the 2020 National Finals on hold but came back in 2021, to continue
the WSRRA traditions.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, WSRRA sanctioned more than 34 open ranch rodeos, 20 women’s ranch rodeos, 25 women's steer stoppings and over 100 ranch bronc riding events. The top open and women’s teams from each of the ranch rodeos, and the top 15 women’s steer stoppers, and top 15 ranch bronc riders competed for cash and prizes at the National Finals. Prizes included Gist buckles, Yeti coolers, Twisted X boots,

Cowboy’s Choice feed, Joe Benner halters, and American Hats. For the third year in a row, the WSRRA added a Jr/Sr Division Jackpot. This division required two seniors 17 or over and two juniors ages 12-16 to compete in six events. Six teams competed in ranch horse, branding, tie down steer, sort and rope, trailer loading and team roping. This added event was one of our highlights of this year
national finals.


The 2021 WSRRA Cowboy Crisis silent auction recipient was dedicated in memory to Josh Harrer with 100% of the proceeds being donated in memory of Josh to Chris Bengoa. The silent auction was successful.

The Nationals Finals kicked off Thursday with the women's long go working ranch horse, followed by women’s team roping, trailer loading, tie-down steer roping, sort & rope doctoring, and team branding. This year the Cowboy Channel Plus provided a live stream of the rodeo. A huge variety of vendors participated in the Christmas Buckaroo

Trade Show and the WSRRA Cowboy Crisis silent auction began. Jackpot roping events finished the action for the day. The jackpot roping event winners were Jared Parke and Jaylen Elderidge in the Big Loop roping, Dirk Jim and Daxton Jim in the fast time team roping, Bailey Bachman in the women’s steer stopping and Desi Dotson in the open breakaway roping.

Friday, November 5, one member of each open team and Jr/Sr teams started the day showing off their highly skilled ranch horses. Then the teams competed in long go events of load & tie and team roping. The evening’s performance featured a "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" theme. The 4th Annual Nelo Mori Heritage of Ranching Award was presented to the Pat Stanford family. If that wasn’t enough, the first round of the Professional Wild Horse Racers Association (PWHRA) national finals got everyone’s blood pumping! Rodeo clown, Tuffy Gessling entertained the crowd with his rope tricks and laughs. In between specialty acts, WSRRA ranch bronc riders competed in the first round and open and women’s teams showed their talents in featured performances. Saturday morning started with two rounds of Women's Steer Stopping rounds 1 & 2, followed by open team and Jr/Sr teams’ long go’s of sort & rope doctoring, and team branding. Later in the day, WSRRA National Sponsor, the Boot Barn, sponsored a dummy roping contest. Gist Buckles were given as prizes. Adding to our Saturday activities, Last Dash 4 Cash, produced by Lindsey Tregellas, added a barrel racing in the neighboring arena. After the long go performance, the arena featured the Jack Pot Family Branding, won by Carmen Buckingham, Kyler Erickson, Ryan Powell, Kreece all took home a Gist Silversmiths buckles.


As the sun was going down, the second evening performance started. This performance was full of Wild West action and western traditions. Featured performances of the open and women’s teams, along with round two of PWHRA and WSRRA ranch bronc riding which kept the arena dust stirred up and the crowd’s excitement high! The WSRRA honored the late Josh Harrer with “One Last Ride for Josh” as we let a ranch bronc out riderless and presented the Harrer Family a Grand Marshall plaque. Saturday ended with year-end and long go awards at The Winners at Winners WSRRA awards party, followed by dancing to music by the Jeff Palmer Band, both hosted by the Winners Inn & Casino.
Sunday, November 6th, WSRRA held a well-attended Cowboy Church with Bo and Kathy Lowe.  After Cowboy Church, WSRRA held the short go of the national finals for the open and women's divisions and the final round of PWHRA wild horse racing, women’s steer stopping and WSRRA ranch bronc riding. At the end of the afternoon, champions were crowned with Gist Silver buckles, Twisted X boots, Yeti coolers, Cowboy’s Choice bag of feed and Joe Benner halters.


The United States Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard has represented the Marine Corps in events across the United States for the last 52 years. This year, the WSRRA was honored to have the United States Mounted Color Guard at all four of our performances. The Marines were riding wild palomino mustangs, adopted from the Bureau of Land Management’s “Adopt a Horse” program. This unit is stationed at Marine Corps Logistics Base, in Barstow, California. Congratulations to all the contestants not just the winners. First time visitors to the event were totally impressed with the quality of the competition and the stock. A huge thank you to all the office help, chute help, announcers, judges, the TV crew, vendors, and stock contractors.

The WSRRA wouldn’t be around without the help of our sponsors and major supporters which include: our presenting sponsors Winnemucca WVCA Board, Ram Trucks/Ram Rodeo, Boot Barn, 8 Seconds Whisky, Twisted X Boots, Gouveia Ranches, Working Ranch Magazine, Yeti, Gist Silversmiths, Big Bend Trailers and host hotels, Winnemucca Inn, Motel T and Winners Inn Casino.

The 2021 Western States Ranch Rodeo World Champions are as follows: World Champion Women’s Steer Stopper: Desi Dotson WSRRA Year End Champion: Michell Rutan Rookie Women’s Steer Stopper of the Year: Payton Feyder

World Champion Open Ranch Rodeo Team: Anipro from Nevada
Members: Richard Eiguren, Shaun Lequerica, Bryan Grenke, Teo Maestrejuan
(Returning) World Champion Women’s Ranch Rodeo Team 2020: Miller Livestock
Solutions from Idaho
Members: Carmen Buckingham, Katie Jo McFarlane, Kayla Tiegs and Bailey Bachman
World Champion Jr/Sr Team: JIM Ranch
Members John Schutte, Dirk Jim, Jick Schutte, Sammy Sauders
World Champion Ranch Bronc Rider: Lane Johnson from Nevada
WSRRA Bronc Rider Average Champion: Lane Johnson
WSRRA Year End Champion: Cody McCarthy
WSRRA ROOKIE Ranch Bronc Rider of the YEAR: Caden McCarthy
8 Seconds Whiskey Tour Stop Champion: Cody McCarthy
8 Seconds Whiskey Tour Stop Res. Champion: Caden McCarthy
WSRRA Scholarship Ranch Bronc Rider Champion: Ty Roland
TOP HAND COWGIRL: Carmen Buckingham
TOP HAND COWBOY: Richard Eiguren
Richard Eiguren
Carmen Buckingham
Jr/Sr Ranch Horse: Jick Schutt
Highest Scored Horse of the Finals: Ryan # owned by King Rodeo Company
Horse of the Finals selected by the Judges: No Bueno owned by Tri State Rodeo
HIGH AVERAGE CONTRACTOR OF THE YEAR (Based on top 5 Horses): King Rodeo
Contractor of the Year selected by Judges: Tri State Rodeo Company

Make plans to attend a sanctioned WSRRA Ranch Rodeo in 2022!

We appreciate our National Sponsors and hope you will support them as much as they support us!