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The WSRRA reserves the right to approve all co-sanctioning events!

  • Any co-sanctioned event must be approved prior to the event being sanctioned by the WSRRA or added to the events schedule.

  • Please fill out the sanctioning agreement and return with your fee to the WSRRA.

    • This information is needed before we can post your event to our website.

    • Attached to the agreement form is a script for your event announcer to broadcast our National Sponsors during the rodeo.

Association Membership Rules & Qualification Requirements

All Association membership rules apply to Open and Women’s Division Teams and individual event competitors.

  • Team size may vary between sanctioned rodeos, but the WSRRA Finals will be a four man team format.

  • All members of the team must be WSRRA members prior to the start of any sanctioned event entered to qualify for the Finals.

  • In order to qualify to be a WSRRA sanctioned rodeo, you must have a minimum of 4 ranch team events, some event suggestions are listed below but are not limited to these events. Rodeo events will be approved by the WSRRA

    • EXAMPLES OF 4 MAN TEAM EVENTS: Big Loop Roping, Slick Horn Team Roping, Steer Stopping, Dally Calf Roping, Branding, Sort and Rope Doctoring, Mugging, Wild Cow Milking, Team Sorting, Team Penning, Trailer Loading

    • SINGLE COMPETITOR EVENTS: Stock Saddle Bronc Riding & Woman’s Steer Stopping

      • These events can be included as part of a sanctioned Rodeo or Sanctioned as a separate event. (i.e.) Jackpot Bronc Ridings.

  • Any team with two members previously qualified for the WSRRA Finals on other teams are still eligible for qualification, after replacing the pre-qualified members with a current WSRRA member.

    • Replacements must have a WSRRA memberships date prior to or the same date of the qualifying rodeo.

  • Five man teams must decide the team members and declare their four man team prior to the finals.

  • Any member replacement must be submitted in writing and approved by the WSRRA Office prior to the National Finals.

    • The WSRRA will allow replacing two team members for the following reasons ONLY:

      • Member pre-qualification on another team

      • Accident / Injury

      • Member Hardship

  • All team members must be current WSRRA Members at the time of qualifying for the National Finals or replacement rules will not apply.

  • Hardship, accident and injury rule applies only to WSRRA NFR, sanctioned rodeos hardships will not apply.

  • Any member can only be on one team at the finals. Women may qualify on both a Women’s Division AND an Open Division team for the finals.

  • The 15 Top Ranked Stock Saddle Bronc Riders and Women’s Steer Stoppers will qualify for the National Finals. 

    • All competitors for individual events will earn their way to the finals by competing at sanctioned rodeos and will obtain points dependent on their placing. The top 15 qualifiers in each event will carry their year end point totals into the finals.

  • Due to varying point systems at individual rodeos the point system recognized by the WSRRA will be 10 points for a 1st place finish down to 1 point for the 10th place finish.

    • The top 15 competitors in each individual event with the highest year end point total will be qualified for the National Finals.

  • All individual event year end point totals will carry into the finals and count towards the National Finals average.

  • Highest placing WSRRA member at each event gets points as follows based on their position in the standings at each event:

    • 1st Place – 10 Points

    • 2nd Place – 9 Points

    • 3rd Place – 8 Points

    • 4th Place – 7 Points

    • 5th Place – 6 Points

    • 6th Place – 5 Points

    • 7th Place – 4 Points

    • 8th Place – 3 Points

    • 9th Place – 2 Points

    • 10th Place – 1 Point



For further details or information about producing a sanctioned WSRRA event contact us by email at

or call (385) 436-1348

Other Important Event Info

We recommend you keep additional copies of the membership form with your staff at the rodeo to sign up anyone who doesn’t present a valid WSRRA membership card.

Please use the results form to submit event results. Be sure to list ALL contestants regardless of placing. The WSRRA must have a contestant’s membership on file before points for an event can be posted to our website.

The Liability Waiver is for the hosting organization to sign and return with the sanctioning agreement. Contestants will not need to sign our form until they compete at our Finals

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